Wednesday, September 9, 2009


 September slips to its center, the tag end of summer descends softly. With all connections to the beginning of a school year worn to nubs, the quiet spreads around me for the third year.
"You've had so much company." I nod or murmur 'Yes,' in agreement. Attempting to explain my idea of company would elicit a blank stare or a hurried, 'You know what I mean." Yes, of course I know what folks mean when they say I've had so much company. They just wouldn't understand what I'd mean if I said I've not had any company. The people visiting in August, and back early in July, were not company, they were family, the people dearest to me in the world, inclusive of those not related.
My daughters total seven. The breakdown: two natural daughters, an adopted daughter, a daughter-in-law, and three granddaughters. My sons, poor dears, total only three - my son, a grandson and son-in-law. Two others wait in the wings, my youngest daughter's close companion and friend, and my oldest granddaughter's affianced. 
Here in the quiet of September I imagine them busy with their lives in Philly, Liverpool, Amherst, Northampton, Cambridge, all so far from the Backfield. Time to take up my pen, listen to the quiet and work.

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