Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A bit of news - a professor has decided to have a digital camera implanted in his head so he can film his classes. Try to imagine it - he's calling it 'the third eye.' A common enough phrase, in certain circles. A camera in one's head. What does he teach? What happens to imagination? To memory? What can be so important? Where will the camera be implanted? Forehead, presumably. The question posed by the reporter: How will he charge it?

Seems to me that we all carry a camera in our head and it is called a brain. Within our brains we have tremendous capacity for recording sights, sounds, smells, images of infinite variety. We do need to recharge it with food and sleep and, with all due fortune, it lasts a lifetime; and it comes free of charge when we're born.

There's so much more to be said - another time.

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